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Our Services

Our experienced planning consultant will minimize all risks before job commencement. We can facilitate permits, licenses and approvals from relevant authorities and local councils and compile all necessary job information before coming on site to manage and control traffic.


All our personal has an RMS accredited training

to be on the road including Work Zone Traffic Control, Work Zone Traffic Control-Implement Traffic Control Plan.

Our traffic controllers manually direct road traffic and pedestrian flows on, near, or adjacent to roads during road closures or part road closures due to:

  • construction, maintenance or roadside works
  • public events
  • emergency responses


using signs and devices to ensure the safety of workers, motorists and pedestrians.

We pride ourselves on highest quality safety standards and practices and in minimizing the risk of road and traffic hazards.

Delivering to a diverse range of industries some of our key areas of expertise include:

  • Construction and Infrastructure
  • Events
  • Traffic Engineering
  • Road Maintenance
  • Utilities

We use the latest software and technology to perform at our best.


An experienced and qualified traffic control/management operator will design a Traffic Control Plan (TCP) including a diagram that illustrates the arrangement of signage and devices used to manage traffic at your worksite.

The TCP will detail the location and spacing of all signage and devices, pavement markings, any containment fencing and barriers, arrow boards and/or variable message signage, and roadwork speed zones.


All Girls Traffic Control (AGT) can prepare a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) Report documenting an assessment of traffic impacts associated with construction sites, special events or full road closures on the local road network.

The Traffic Management Plan will adhere to the Local Council Standard Requirements and describe the proposed construction works or event,

An experienced and qualified traffic control/management operator will design a Traffic Management Plan (TMP) or Construction Traffic Management Plan (CTMP) detailing the work or event to be undertaken and the traffic impacts on the local area and how these impacts will be addressed.

Depending on the complexity of the construction project or event, several Traffic Control Plans (TCP) may be required.

We always customize and tailor our TMP’S and CTMP’S to reflect the uniqueness of each project and your particular needs – call us to discuss your requirements!


Apart from Traffic Management Plans and Construction Traffic Management Plans, any construction project or event that requires a road closure or that will affect traffic flow and requires the closure of one or more traffic lanes will need a Roads and Maritime Services Permit.

Obtaining a road occupancy license for the specified activities is a legal requirement under Section 138 of The Roads Act.

Compliance Plans, Permits and Licenses

A consultant from All Girls Traffic Control (AGT) can quickly and efficiently prepare, modify and review your traffic management plan ready for it to be submitted to the correct local Council or government department for approval. This service means there is one less thing for our clients to worry about, enabling them to focus on other priorities.

This aspect of our service ensures there is no risk of heavy fines or work site shutdowns.

Ute & Equipment Hire

We take pride in our work place and vehicles, with all fully equipped with a full range of equipment including Arrow boards, Bollards, Cones, Signs, stop-slow bats, Wands and two-way radios (Walkie Talkie).

Vehicle Management Plans
(VMP Inc. Swept Path Analysis)

Swept Path Diagram Plans are required by most Local Councils for Construction Traffic Management Plans.

These plans must include a Swept Path Analysis to confirm that large vehicles can access and egress worksites in compliance with local traffic regulations and without major disruption to traffic flow.

Swept Path Analysis is generally prepared for Construction Traffic Management Plans for both residential and commercial buildings. The central objective of the studies is to calculate the number of vehicles the building layout can accommodate.

An experienced software engineering consultant from our team will design a Swept Path Analysis, analyzing and calculating the movement and path of different parts of any vehicle when it is undertaking a turning maneuver.

Pedestrian Management Plans (PMP)

Our mission is to eliminate all hazards and risks for all pedestrians, including those with mobility issues, ensuring that they and the community are safe at all times.

All Girls Traffic Control (AGT) has the expertise to create safe and effective pedestrian management plans for any situation – construction sites or events – that may be located in high density or ad hoc pedestrian movement settings.

Event Management

All Girls Traffic Control (AGT) has the skills and expertise to manage traffic for any size event, specializing in both major and minor event traffic management.

We have the ability to deploy the required teams of traffic controllers provide a safe traffic management solution and ensure the arrival and departure of event participants is well coordinated.

Whether you require a road closure, barriers and signs, and/or parking marshals, you can count on our experienced team to deliver well-planned and executed traffic projects.

When planning for event traffic management, we take into account the safety and efficiency of the surrounding road network.

Our teams ensure excellent communication with event organisers before and during the event.

Our traffic solutions adhere to and promote safe and consistent traffic management practices at all times and in accordance with legal obligations and applicable state and national standards, including the Main Road Code of Conduct for Traffic Management for Events.

We are fully trained to assist you in:

  • Local Festivals
  • Charity Festivals
  • Crowd Control
  • Carpark Management
  • Open days and family days
  • Concerts

We identify from the start the correct number of staff needed for each event in order to meet budget requirements.